An Introduction to the Fall Season


Kylie McKinney, Reporter

As September approaches, you watch out the window as the orange crinkled leaves begin slipping off branches, the warm vanilla scent from an abundance of candles fills the space, and your body takes in the warmth of the season. Fall has arrived, and according to Yasmine Saad, PhD, “Temporal landmarks divide life into distinct mental phases,” psychologically, leaving many of us to feel most happy during the fall season.

With fall, comes many trends that are popular among the American population such as fun clothing trends, recipes, and activities to bring joy and happiness. “[Fall] allows us to put in the past negative experiences and propel a fresh outlook,” Saad said.

Typically, the colors of fall seem to come as very neutral such as burnt oranges, yellows, beiges, and grays. However, when it comes to clothing, color schemes can vary from bright blues to dark greens. Some popular fall clothing trends include designers basing their lines on 90’s fashion trends such as low waisted jeans, graphic t-shirts, and layering items on top in which don’t uniformly match a color scheme.

Along with 90’s clothing, different shades of caramel or beige have been popular as well during fall seasons. As the beige color seems stereotypical to fall, it truly is a popular neutral color to match with brighter colors. Many celebrities have been spotted on the runway with a long beige coat to contrast the bolder colors and textures popular among the season.

To tie together the fall outfit, there has to be a good fall recipe to go with it. The holidays typically have people wanting to go out and eat gourmet season-themed meals. But it can be just as easy to prepare the meal at home for a much cheaper price, while also being able to add your personal touch to the meal, snack, or dessert.

One of the most popular flavors used in fall recipes is pepper or spice. The kick of flavor can be used not just in lunch or dinner meals but also in desserts. Mango Habanero can give you the perfect combination of both sweet and sour used in chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and more.

As the weather begins to change during this time of year, a great way to keep warm is by making a Mexican style hot chocolate which gives a sweet chocolate taste with a hint of spice for flavor.

Along with this spicy taste, another popular ingredient used in fall meals are sunflower seeds. They are a very healthy ingredient and can be used for many different types of recipes such as substation in sandwich spreads, crackers, and can even be baked with parmesan cheese for a fun and tasty snack.

The fall holidays are some of the most popular times of year where people enjoy going out and taking in the season. Some activities people enjoy partaking in include apple and pumpkin picking. The months of September and October are when apples and Pumpkins are at their peak and perfect for eating, carving, or even just collecting.

As the weather is not too hot or cold in the state of Texas during fall, outside activities can be a great way to get some fresh air and spend quality time with either yourself, or the people you love. Going for a walk or hike can be a great way to do both of these things.

Fall is considered a season of love and thankfulness. By partaking in different fall styles, recipes, and activity related trends, it can energize the spirit of the holidays as they begin to develop.




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