The Fabulous Falcon Flairs


Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

The Fabulous Falcon Flairs are the school’s dance team. They perform during football games, competitions and other events. They were established in 1972, the same year the school was opened.

On Oct. 1 the flairs will be having a clinic that is open to elementary and intermediate students who are interested in joining the flairs once they reach high school.

The clinic will be taking place at the school in the big gym.

“There’s different spaces that we use for each grade level, and we teach them their dance there and then we all perform it in the big gym together,” Madelyn Owens said.

The clinic is an annual event that has been happening for the past couple of years, but this year the dance team will be hosting one per semester.

“The clinic happens every year, our director puts it on, but we decided to do a fall and a spring clinic, so yeah that’s just something our director chose to do this year” Owens said.

The flairs members are hoping that the clinic will be a cherished moment for the young girls.

“[I hope] to help encourage little girls with dancing and just giving them more of an inspiration,” Owens said.

Aside from football season, the flairs also have their own competition season that they work hard preparing for.

“I feel like most people see us during football season and they don’t think we do is difficult, but they don’t see us during competition season, and they don’t see like how hard it can be and like drilling stuff and skills,” Ava Young said.

Flairs have competitions throughout the year and have won several awards in the past. Be sure to keep up with them even after football season.