Marilyn Manson’s Ongoing Sexual Abuse Investigation


Kylie McKinney, Reporter

American singer-songwriter, Brian Hugh Warner, known as Marilyn Manson, has been involved in an ongoing investigation regarding sexual assault allegations for going on 19 months. Prosecutors continue to claim they need more evidence before filing charges.

Marilyn Manson originally grew up in a Christian household and attended a Christian Heritage school. Before his career as a professional musician, he worked as a music journalist and wrote for “The 25th Parallel,” a Florida magazine. A few years later, Manson begins to drift from the journalism scene and focus on a career in music itself.

Manson and his group created “Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids,” a band which included the beginning of Manson’s graphic content and edgy following. The band ultimately removed “spooky kids” from their name but stuck with Marilyn Manson. The first album, “Portrait of an American Family,” was released in 1994. This jumpstarted Manson’s fame and attention from the public for not just his evolution in music, acting, and artistic skill, but his uprising in the dark community of absurd actions.

Throughout the years of his both positive and negative popularity, Manson has done off the wall things which were frowned upon by the public including his following of Satan, violently self-harming and threatening the public on stage during his concerts, gravedigging, smoking human bones, and even sexually assaulting bodyguards in which charges were set for but later dropped.

Similarly, allegations from 2009-2011 of Marilyn Manson sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing multiple women, some unidentified, have recently just come about.

Some of the women who publicly spoke upon the situation include Esme Bianca, a “Game of Thrones” actress, as well as Manson’s ex fiancée Evan Rachel Wood, an actress in the show “Westworld,” whom he is filing a lawsuit against.

Esme Bianca had accused Manson of sexual assault and sexual battery. She claimed that Manson violated human trafficking laws when he brought her from England to California with the promise of once in a lifetime opportunity for roles in music videos and movies in which he never then gave. The current lawsuit alleges that Manson threatened her both physically, sexually, and emotionally, while acting upon some of these claims.

Following these events, both her career as well as Manson’s, began to deteriorate. Bianca’s mental health was at an extreme low, causing her to backdown from many opportunities. Manson lost a lot of his following as well as record labels and agents. In hopes to tame the backlash, Manson posted to Instagram about the accusation, “These recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality,” Manson said. “My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual, regardless of how and why others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth”.

Evan Rachel Wood, Manson’s ex-fiancé, speaks openly about the alleged abuse in the two-part documentary, “Phoenix Rising.” She claims Manson began grooming her when she was a teenager and from then on, she was brainwashed into being obedient in his presence. Woods goes into detail about many occasions in which Manson manipulated her into a situation where she “needed to be punished.”

In the lawsuit, Manson alleges that the documentary of Woods speaking regarding the abuse, was used as a means of convincing other women to falsely accuse Manson of the same allegations.

The investigation is still ongoing. On Sept. 12, the district attorney of Los Angeles County claims “the Brian Warner matter is still under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has not yet been submitted to our office.” Accounting for the fact the incidents were allocated back in 2009-2011, obtaining evidence, statements, and planning for future action, will take time. However, those following the news are hopeful that the investigation is nearing its end, and justice will be soon be brought to the victims of Manson, or Manson himself.



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