Beauty Is Pain: Puerto Rico Environment Battles Pollution and Stays Pristine


Shirley Rosas, Reporter

The beaches in Puerto Rico are truly like no other, Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande and more. The reason these beaches are so infamous to the public is because of their bioluminescent glow that captivates tourists and locals alike. The night is filled with people from far and wide experiencing the nighttime adventures.

You may find yourself asking, why does the beach glow, and the answer is because of a non-toxic alga that can take on green, blue and red hues alike. Noctiluca Scintillians, otherwise known as ‘Sea Sparkle,’ dazzles the oceans of Puerto Rico, adding a truly beautiful touch to the quite infamous destination.

Millions of these small creatures dominate the waters with their peaceful and enchanting glow. The clear waters of Puerto Rico carry the light far and wide. It impresses many people, those who have never seen a glowing beach and those who have been there a thousand times.
A truly impressive example of mother nature sharing her beauty.

Despite these glowing beaches being very popular, the science behind them is still a bit of a mystery amongst locals or non-researchers. “There’s just little fish that turn the turn the water blue.” former Puerto-Rico resident, George Rosas said. “Everybody knows it,” Rosas said.  “It’s a popular date spot. Drunk people ruin it.”

Rosas explains that the atmosphere is extraordinary at night, the glow is so captivating that even “hooligans” take late nights stop to adore the dashing lights. Puerto Rico is no stranger to beautiful scenery, from the natural water slide in El Yunque National Forest, to the astonishing fauna that encloses the treasured island.

However, with beauty, comes pain. The people of Puerto Rico have always done an outstanding job keeping their beaches clean, keeping wildlife safe and doing they best to make it thrive. As more and more tourists from around the world come to visit, the oceans suffer from more pollution.

“They think it’s like funny to throw their beer cans into the water,” Rosas said.
The downside of having such a beautiful world is that people will always take advantage, hurting the animals that help the experience and the ocean.

Despite years of environmental damage, the people of Puerto Rico still have not given up. They are still doing their best to keep the beaches clean, and that just shows the power Puerto Ricans have.