How Crazy Is the Student Body Really?


Diana Perez, Reporter

Look around in the halls, and you’ll always spot one less than normal person in the crowd. They can be a unique lovely person! Or be a bit nutty. Afterall, there is a common saying that we walk past 35 serial killers in our lives.

No one really thinks of teacher’s lives as particularly interesting. But people seem to forget that teachers, ordinary as they be, get paid to deal with hundreds of students for hours a day. And the students are crazy.

Now, the school population isn’t well known in the district for being crazy, but there are definitely a couple outlier students.

According to Mrs. Hawkins, a current journalism teacher, students have taken their dislike of her far enough to curse at her in her home, get aggressive enough to scare her other students and spray paint her car with inappropriate images.

According to a study in 2015-2016 from National Center for Education Statistics, 9% of secondary school teachers have been threatened by students and 2% have been in a physical altercation with a student.

But sometimes, it’s all in dumb fun in the eyes of the students that go all out for homecoming week.

“In my first year, I had a senior pretend to be a sub and I didn’t catch on for a couple of minutes,” English one teacher, Ms. Brodt said. “But it was all in good fun, I don’t think he would’ve taken it too far.”

In addition to the aggressive or satirical acts, many teenagers will take reckless acts after failing to think things through.

Ms. Pittman, a human geography teacher, recounted countless stories of students doing inappropriate things at past schools. But remarked a lack of extremely crazy events happening at Clear Lake that she’s witnessed.

“Some kid somehow climbed up on one of those awnings in the main hallways,” Pittman said.

Following the trend, in the fall of 2021, a “devious licks” trend circulated on Tik Tok. The trend idea was to show off objects students stole from their school or something they vandalized. This was followed by a trend where students used their masks to cut through various objects, including the back of chairs and pencils.

This high school, like most, is not a normal place, something you hopefully know by now, but it’s not the weirdest either. Unless at least our students are better at hiding it… Are you a contributor to our odd society?


Statistics Source – National Center for Education Statistics