Mrs. Williams Makes an Impact Beyond the Classroom


Kylie McKinney, Reporter

Clear Lake High School is a massive environment with a variety of different students and staff, sometimes making it difficult for those who positively exceed standards to earn recognition. However, Mrs. Williams, a CTE teacher at Clear Lake High School, can’t be missed.

Mrs. Williams teaches Principles of Health Science, Pathology, and the Patient Care Technician course, which allows students to earn the qualification to assist different medical professionals, aid to patients with physical and mental disabilities, and overall provide bedside manner to those in need.

On a beautiful farm in the small country town in Texas, College Station, was home to Mrs. Williams for quite a while.

“I had grown up there on a 200-acre farm until my dad decided it would be better for our family to relocate,” Williams said. Her dad had worked in oil and gas and commuted daily to Houston. “So, I moved to Pearland when I was in 8th grade.” Williams said.

Mrs. Williams attended Texas State University in San Marcos for a majority of her education, however, she received her master’s at Lamar University.

“I was Pre-Med and had earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Minor in Chemistry,” Williams said. “Most recently, I attended Lamar University and received my master’s in education administration in 2021.”

From a young age, Mrs. Williams was very interested in teaching, but later concluded that medicine was the path she really wanted to take.

“My mother was an educator, so I remember for the longest time I would want to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher as well.” Williams said. “My love for science and understanding how various things worked also led me at a young age to want to pursue something in medicine.”

Due to its extreme detail, medicine is a topic in which every corner you turn, your mind will be educated on a new strain of medicine, disease, or treatment. Mrs. Williams experienced just this.

“Optometry was the one that stuck as I became club president at my college and was a certified vision screener and assisted community health screenings for a portion of my volunteer work while attending college.” Williams said. “However, I then discovered infectious diseases and the excitement and discovery that it brought which caused me to end up working at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine for about 12 years specializing in Pediatric Infectious Diseases.”

Clear Lake High School has proven to be a school of character, which is a big reason Mrs. Williams was attracted to the job.

“I was attracted to CLHS for its commitment to innovation and open-mindedness of teaching tools and techniques,” Williams said. “Additionally, the campus gave a sense of family and support, which is an important factor I consider when working somewhere–find a place that will support you and wants to see you succeed.”

Other than her professional life, Mrs. Williams is an extremely active and adventurous person.

“I have many hobbies which include surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, cooking/baking, painting,” William said. She also enjoys family walks around the neighborhood each evening, attending concerts and various culture or seasonal festivals.

As a successful woman, Mrs. Williams has a variety of moments she is extremely proud of, however, to Mrs. Williams, there are two accomplishments that outdo all others.

“One of my proudest moments is when I testified to the Texas State Senate which led to my team’s proposal for a medical bill that was voted and passed as Texas state law,” Williams said. “But my biggest accomplishment I am proud of is after a very long journey, I became a mother to our sweet baby boy, Cole.”

Granted she has accomplished a lot; Mrs. Williams still has future goals set out for herself in order to further succeed in her career.

“I have many goals set for myself which include going back to school and earning my PhD,” Williams said. She’d also like to travel Europe one day, “specifically visiting Sicily, where my family is from. [I’d like to] trace my family origins further,” Williams said.

Mrs. Williams shows her respect and support for the staff and students here at Lake daily, positively impacting the community.