Cucumber Lime Gatorade? Hit or Miss


Wyatt Young, Reporter

Gatorade is a sports hydrating company. They sell drinks filled with electrolytes with a flavor that always have the drinks flying off the shelves. Gatorade over the years has grown significantly. They have grown through sponsorships and making other sports equipment.

Recently Gatorade released a new flavor, “Lime Cucumber,” and the internet has negative opinions about it. The Gatorade company has received backlash from releasing this unique flavor. “Garbage. Needs to be discontinued,” @snorttherainbow said, on Another user agreed, “This is the most horrid drink I have ever laid my taste buds on,” @daltonr3 said.

Most of the internet, especially TikTok, shares a negative opinion on the new flavor and has expressed it by making memes.

As an athlete, I love Gatorade drinks and it helps whenever I’m dehydrated and playing sports. So of course, I would try the new flavor.

The first time I tried “Lime Cucumber”, I spat it back out. It tasted like citrus, and cucumber water, and it was disgusting. The drink does smell like cucumber and looks like it too. But still, some people may find this drink pleasing, but I definitely do not.

Considering Gatorade won’t stop the flavor’s production, I think the flavor should at least be changed so it doesn’t have such a bad taste. It could also be added to Gatorade’s low calorie series, “Gatorade Fit.”

Gatorade has potential and is growing every day. I don’t know what they were thinking on this one but I hope they will learn.