Lake’s 50th Homecoming Parade


Wyatt Young, Reporter

On Oct. 5 the 50th annual homecoming parade was held on Falcon Pass St. and made its way towards the football field for the pep rally later that evening.

There were multiple clubs, sports, and extracurricular floats in attendance, showing school pride and handing out candy to onlookers.

“The parade was a lot of fun,” Joseph Young, an attendee, said. The floats were incredibly decorated, and most were decorated by the people on the float. Other floats also had costumes made and worn by the people riding them. The creativity had spectators’ minds blown.

Once all floats reached the parking lot it was time for the homecoming pep rally to begin. Pep rally attendees included many sports such as football, basketball, baseball, cross country, swim team, and other sports.

As expected, the pep rally was an energizing and exciting event. To maximize cheering, students would stand on the bleachers and jump along to the band’s music as it played on the field below them.

Late after the parade day, the staff reported that the bleachers were broken and unstable. “We jumped so hard that the bleachers broke, so let’s try not to do that again,” Dr. Cavalier, the assistant principal said.

In the midst of the successful night, accompanying the broken bleachers, there were instances during the parade at which candy tossing wasn’t the gentlest.  However, some floats got creative with their throwing. The basketball kids were trying to “make a basket” into kids’ candy bags and the kids had a lot of fun with it.

In the spirit of the 50th anniversary, this was one of the most heavily attended parades and pep rallies for homecoming. It was an exciting and heartwarming event for all attendees, whether they were alumni, students, teachers, or young children.