Region Choir

Zada Sowells, Reporter

Every fall 70,000 Texas high school students prepare for the choir all-state audition process. Only 1,810 are selected to rehearse and perform during the annual TMEA convention of 18 Texas all-state ensembles including the four choirs: Mixed Choir, Treble Choir, Tenor-Bass Choir, Small School Mixed Choir. 

Region is the first step in the All-State audition process. 

“You learn the music in the summer, you do camp over the summer, you practice a lot, then audition and at the end they tell if you made it or not and what you chair you are,” Abby Forester said.  

Region is optional for some members of the choir, but many choose to audition because it can be rewarding. 

“I like choir like a lot, it one of my favorite things and I wanted to do more with it because I enjoy it,” Forester said. 

Students may choose to audition for region choir or they can also do the all-state process. 

“I did region last year and then I’m doing the all-state process this year,” Forester said. 

Abby earned 7th chair in the region mixed choir and is still practicing for all-state auditions. 

“The process was really fun and nervous and exciting,” Emma Hernandez said. “We were at a really big high school. There was snacks and then once you went in you sang came out then they told you what chair you were.” 

Hernandez earned 2nd chair in the concert choir for region. 

Only 1,810 students may get in but Lake is lucky to have 30 students make it through the first step in All-State. Good luck to everyone in region choir.