Football Season Senior Q&A


Audrey Perez, Reporter

Q: What has been your favorite thing about the last four years and why?

Alex Cadengo, Football: “All the teachers I have connected with.”

Hayden Goldstraw, Band: “Well since I am in the band, I really enjoy the football games, and playing for the student section.”

Diego Vilchez, Student Section: “My junior year when the baseball team had a chance to go to the playoffs but unfortunately our season got cut short.”

Shannon Stiles, Cheer: “I think my favorite part has been cheering at the football games, getting to cheer on my team, and bonding with my teammates.”

Emily Drnevich, Color Guard: “Probably just spending time with my friends.”


Q: What are you going to miss the most and why?

Alex Cadengo: “All the sports and all the coaches.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “The teachers and my friends because they have just been on my path and journey.”

Diego Vilchez: “My friends and all the teachers I have encountered in my last four years.”

Shannon Stiles: “I’m going to miss all the friends I have made here and my team.”

Emily Drnevich: “Definitely the younger classmen. Especially when you are in band it is like everyone comes together.”


Q: Are you continuing what you are doing in the future?

Alex Cadengo: “No I think I am hanging up the cleats this year.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “I’ll think about it at University of Houston.”

Shannon Stiles: “At this point I don’t think so but I’m keeping my mind open.”

Emily Drnevich: “I do intend to continue in college.”


Q: What are your goals for the next ten years and where do you see yourself?

Alex Cadengo: “I want to be in the medical field, that’s my goal.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “I want to pursue in engineering. So, I hope to see myself be some sort of engineer.”

Diego Vilchez: “To attend Ole Miss (University of Mississippi), and I hopefully will be a lawyer.”

Shannon Stiles: “My goals are to go to college, and after college go to physical therapy school to become a physical therapist.”

Emily Drnevich: “I want to go to school outside of Texas. So just get out of the state and travel a bit.”


Q: What teacher do you think helped you the most and why?

Alex Cadengo: “Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Hawkins, they are just special teachers to me. They were so nice to me and just teachers.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “Ms. Garland because she is not just an English teacher, she’s really a life teacher. She teaches you a lot about life in general.”

Diego Vilchez: “The teacher that helped me the most would be Mrs. Hawkins or Mr. Gambloi because those two teachers really helped me throughout my four years.”

Shannon Stiles: “I would say my coach because she helped me grow as a person.”

Emily Drnevich: “Probably my Chinese teacher because she was there. I have had her all four years now and she was always right next to me.”


Q: What would you tell your freshman self?

Alex Cadengo: “Enjoy every moment you have in sports.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “Don’t be as nervous and put yourself out there.”

Diego Vilchez: “Do not make dumb choices.”

Shannon Stiles: “Don’t take everything so seriously and take the time to have fun and not just focus.”

Emily Drnevich: “Don’t take ap physics.”


Q: What advice do you give incoming freshman?

Alex Cadengo: “Enjoy every minute you have because it goes by quickly.”

Hayden Goldstraw: “Same thing don’t be as nervous and put yourself out there.”

Diego Vilchez: “Make sure you do your schoolwork all the time and make friends.”

Shannon Stiles: “I think work hard your first two years that way you will be able to have more time to have fun your next two years,”

Emily Drnevich: “Don’t worry too much we are all trying to figure ourselves out, and it can be very stressful sometimes. But sometimes it’s okay that you don’t know who you are yet.”