Making Melodies and Moving Hearts

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

Tri- M is the school’s music honor society. The club is for students who are sophomores, juniors, and
seniors and in performing arts such as band, orchestra and choir. Members of the club volunteer at
other performing arts and school events.

Tri M’s presence this year is thanks to the current class officers of the honor society. Their motivation in
bringing Tri M back was the desire to share the value of music and the students who do it.

“The Tri M club was actually originally here in the 2014 class, I think that’s when it was originally started,
it dissipated and we just, our group of officers, wanted to bring it back to just kind of reinforce the
importance of music again, and then kind of award students who are still in the music program,”
President Michael Yo said.

In the past, Tri- M was only at club status, but this year it was approved for being an honor society.

“This year we’re actually able to be under an honor society rather than just being any old club, which
allows for more opportunities for us to execute, to be seen more as a professional organization rather
than just a club and for our seniors its cool for them because they get an honor cord this year," Michael
Yo said.

The Tri M honor society operates based on a point system. You earn points by volunteering at school
related events.

“With Tri M the new goal is to combine the orchestra, choir and band to create opportunities to allow
people to essentially help out our community using music,” Officer Alexender Lee said.

Lee is excited that this year Tri M can collaborate with other fine arts, rather than just having it be

“I’m excited about the prospect of working with other fine arts members because originally in the past it
was just orchestra doing everything,” Lee said. “This year we will be able to invite the band and choir to work

Yo wants people to know that anyone in performing arts can join and be part of the club.

“Everyone in music is welcome and that being able to continue music and the importance of having
music education is also very important and Tri M is just a place where we can all share our passion for
music,” Yo said.

This year, Tri M plans to have a spring benefit concert in order to raise enough money to give to CCISD

“Our main goal is called a benefit concert. The benefit concert is essentially, we raise money and then at
the end of the year we do one big concert involving all three of the fine arts and we give a check to
CCISD cares,” Lee said.

Tri M volunteers most recently helped Brookwood elementary with their choir concert and helped
prepare for region choir. They will continue to make a difference in activities throughout the year.