Model UN is UN-Stoppable

Wyatt Young, Reporter

Ever wanted to pretend to be world countries and argue using facts? If you do then the Model UN club is for you. Model UN was created this year by Ms. Garland. They meet at room 3010 every other week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“Model UN is a club where we simulate how a United Nations conference would work, where each student represents a delegate for a country,” Ching-Hsin-Hou officer of Model UN said.

Delegates are provided with different topics that they must work through together.

“Depending on the different competitions and conferences, we represent a country and a topic or issue is announced like ‘How do you solve global warming’ and you look at it from the perspective, for example if you’re China you would say ‘How would China and China’s delegate answer this question’,” Hsin-Hou said.

The club is mostly student-led and other schools in the district also have model UNs.

Their meetings consist of practicing for competitions and conferences. They have competitions with other schools and even got to district or state in these debate competitions. “The one we’re about to attend in February is called the Houston area model UN, there’s also national and state competition,” Hsin-Hou said.

During these competitions, they dress in formal attire which gives the meetings a sense of realty.

The clubs’ main purpose is to educate students on global issues and help with public speaking.

“The main purpose of the club is to help students practice their public speaking skills and debate skills, and kind of do more extensive research on current global issues and how we can help towards that,” Hsin-Hou said.

The kind of people recommended for this club are people with an interest in changing the world and issues that happen.

“Anyone that has good public speaking skills and is good with writing and has interest in debates [can join],” Satvika Parthasarathy, officer of Model UN, said.

You can join this club by either going to Instagram (@clhsmodelun) and requesting more info, or going to Ms. Garlands room (3010) and request information.