Varsity Soccer Wins Pre-Season Championship Tournament

Audrey Perez, Reporter

Last weekend the varsity soccer boys were fighting their way to victory in their pre-season championship tournament. The boys fought long and hard to win the championship and are so proud of not only themselves but their teammates, coaches, and families.

“It was a relief. To be honest I almost cried. It was big for us because it has been over a decade since we won that tournament. It was big for us and even our coach, it meant a lot to us and our parents” Tony Mendez said.

Mendez is a first-year varsity sophomore center midfielder.

The varsity soccer team is still playing in their pre-season and still working on things on the field such as their communication between one another.

“Our communication during and after the game, but I think overall we have been doing really good,” Hakim Alonso said.

Alonso is a second-year varsity senior center back.

Communication and chemistry seem to be one of the most crucial things for the team on the field. They connect with these skills to play their best on the field. The boys are still working on this skill, but they are realizing how important these skills are.

“The first half was very stressful, we weren’t connected, we weren’t playing as a team, it was really all over the place, we weren’t alive. Towards the second half we started playing we felt chemistry between us, and we were all playing like we wanted to win,” Mendez said.

It takes every part of the team doing their part to lead to victory.

“Edson Camara, his consistency, he played his butt off the entire tournament. Consistency with not only him but the entire team I think really helped us,” Tj Bass said.

Bass is a second-year sophomore varsity goalie.

Goalie has a big role on the field. They are the last line of defense and must stop the ball before it changes the score of the game. As you can expect the goalie must have had a lot of pressure on him during this tournament.

“It is a little bit of pressure because you’re the last line so if anything gets past you it’s going to directly affect the score. It makes you think about all your decisions, even after you make the decision if it’s the right one, you still wonder if it was the right decision and how it’s going to affect the rest of the game,” Bass said.

The boys have done so much so far in their pre-season and have put in a lot of work, and it is showing as we can tell by this tournament. This is only the beginning for them, and we are so excited to see what they do.

“We felt excited, but we still know there is more that we are going to do this season. Like we are not just ending it there,” TJ Bass said.