Trump Campaigns for Reinstatement of Facebook Account

Julian Collins, Reporter

It has been almost two years since former President Donald Trump was banned from several social media sites due to the U.S capitol riot incident. Trump is now starting a petition to be let back on to the social media platform Facebook.

Trump has given the petition to the parent company of Facebook, Meta, in hopes of having his account unbanned. Trump has used his unban on twitter to help him get more attention and support on the unbanning of his Facebook account

“We believe the ban on President Trump’s account on Facebook has dramatically distorted and inhibited the public discourse,” Trump’s campaign wrote to Meta.

Although many people have speculated it, Trump has not pressed for a lawsuit even though many people, including family members, thought he would. One spokesperson for Meta has declined to comment about Trump, besides them saying they will have an answer in the next few weeks in line with the process they are taking to decide the outcome and response to trumps plea.

Many speculate that his recent unban on Twitter, due to Elon musk taking over Twitter, will help Trump’s case in his campaign to get unbanned on Facebook. This all brings the question, why is Trump so adamant on getting unbanned on Facebook when he has already had his account unbanned on Twitter?

This question can quickly be answered by going back to the election in 2016. It’s said that Facebook was a big part in the success of Trump’s win in the presidential election of 2016. The reason his campaign was so successful in the end was because they were able to tailor specific ads for viewers. This is called microtargeting and it happens on every social media platform.

Trump was able to use it to his advantage and get more votes from people seeing the ads and resulting in Facebook being a crucial part in his win. Back to why he might need his account once more, he may have plans in the future of campaigning once more. However, it’s safe to assume he most likely won’t get his account back, and he’ll be stuck with Twitter and good old Elon.