Twins and Triplets

Audrey Perez, Reporter

Twins are not something we see every day. The odds of having twins are 1 in every 250 natural births, but triplets are even rarer. About 1 in every 10,000 pregnancies are triplets. These are both unique and are so interesting to see and know.

The earliest set of twins dates back to 31,000 years ago in Krems-Wachtberg, Austria. The remains of two newborn boys were discovered during the excavation of an Upper Paleolithic site in 2005.

The DNA of the boys were tested and proved to be identical twins. One sadly passed at birth and the other passed around 50 days later.

There are different types of twins and triplets here at Lake and we are so lucky to have these amazing young adults on our campus.

Being a twin can have many benefits to it. Maybe sharing clothes, being able to switch and having a friend, but not with these twins.

Caleb and Aaron Gil are twins who recently moved to Lake.

“We get a lot more attention,” Caleb and Aaron Gil said.

Being a twin or triplet is so cool and to Jackson and Tyler they can agree that they love being twins.

“Other people think it’s cool, and it’s always cooled to have someone. Like you play the same sports, same age, same school, and no matter where you are your sibling and you are always almost the same,” Tyler and Jackson Minter said.

Having a twin is like having a lifelong best friend, and someone you can always count on. As we expect, being twins means they spend a lot of time together, but can that always be positive?

“He just gets on my nerves sometimes and he’s always bothering me,” Ty Whatley said.

“Easily relating to someone effortlessly, because sometimes I guess with other siblings there can be age gaps and stuff, but since we are going through the same things it’s easier,” Asa Whatley said.

Being a twin isn’t always perfect and fun but being the one girl with two brothers as triplets can be even more challenging.

“Well Austin and Tyler are like best friends, like each other’s best friends, and we don’t get along sometimes, so I think that can be hard, especially them being boys and having lots of guy friends it gets a little difficult when I’m friends with their friends,” Katie Best said.

Katie is a triplet with her two brothers Austin and Tyler, and they seem to be best friends.

“I think me, and my brother are closer just because we play the same sports together,” Tyler Best said.