Senior Signings


Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

Senior signings are a nationwide event that is held to celebrate and support student athletes and their accomplishments. On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the school held a senior signing ceremony.

The first step in a senior signing begins with athletes being offered and accepting a scholarship opportunity.

“The process is the paperwork is sent to that athlete and that paperwork is basically a contract stating that that athlete has accepted the honor to attend that school,” Coach Manis said.

The signings occur about 2-3 times a year and are planned by the coaches. This year coach Manis and coach McRae coordinated the event.

“We do it (Senior signings) 2-3 times a year, so it takes like 20 minutes to put together,” Coach Manis said.

Senior signings are a time that students can take a moment to be proud of along with be recognized for their hard work through the years.

“(Senior signings are important) To show the accomplishments and also to allows the parents to be involved in the signing. They’re able to come up and set up a table, take pictures, and just to recognize that moment,” Coach Manis said.

While signing up for college is an exciting and proud moment for athletes, it’s also a moment of pride for coaches and families.

“I think it’s an honor for those kids to get in front of their peers and accept that scholarship to attend a university,” Coach McRae said.

For football player Rodney Searles, senior signing is an event that he has looked forward to for a while.

“I feel like it (Senior signing) has (had an impact), it’s something I always looked forward to, to really display everything that you gone through, it really just shows people who you are as a person,” Searles said.

Signing ceremonies are held to celebrate the athlete, however the beginning of a new chapter can be emotional for many.

“It was pretty cool to see everybody come out and support me and my family even though it got a little emotional it was cool,” Searles said.

Congratulations to all the seniors who have and who have yet to sign!