The Pringles Creator’s Cremation

Julian Collins, Reporter

Pringles are a national delicacy across the world. Not only are there many delicious flavors to choose from, but they are iconic.

For instance, Pringles are easily spotted when compared to other chips due to their odd shape. However, the shape of the chip is not the only part of Pringles that is easily noticed. What intrigues most people about Pringles is the odd container that these chips are packaged in.

When you go to the store to look for Pringles you will be sure to find them packaged in a tall cylindrical container. This odd cylinder shape has created memes across social media platforms due to the lack of arm room in these containers that leave little-to-no room to put your hand inside in order to grab a chip.

All this aside, what if I told you there was something else more interesting about these chips. The creator of the can had his ashes buried in his creation.

Pringles officially started being released in 1968 and by the year 1991 they were being distributed internationally. The creator of the can that these Pringles resided in was Fredrick J. Baur, who unfortunately passed away on May 4, 2008.

Before creating the now renowned Pringles can, he worked as an organic chemist and a food storage technician at a company called Proctor and Gamble. He allegedly was so proud with his creation of the Pringle can that he told his children that when he died, he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes put into a Pringles can.

After his death his children decided to honor his wish and buried his ashes in a can. Many are obsessed with knowing what the flavor of the can that he was put in is and many speculate that his ashes may reside in an original flavor can. While we can all agree that his decision to be buried in a Pringles can is a bit extreme, I bet the next time you reach your hand in a delicious can of cheddar Pringles you’ll sit there and wonder as to whether that is cheddar cheese or ash.