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Welcome Class of 2027!


On Monday Aug. 21, the class of 2027 was officially welcomed on Freshmen Transition Day. 

The day started off with principal meetings, going through the expectations of high school and seeing what the school had to offer. 

“Students met so they could talk with their principals about student expectations. Then our student support counselors were there to offer their services and explain what they do for [students] in high school.” freshmen transition supervisor Amanda Hawkins said. “Immediately from there they went to a club fair in Kruger field house.” 

When the freshmen found their way to Kruger, they greeted by 42 club booths set up. There, they could interact with members and decide which clubs, if any, were right for them. 

“I really enjoyed the club fair, it helped me get to know some of the clubs and decide what clubs I might be interested in,” freshmen Vidya Solano Khatri said. 

While the first day had many fun events for the new students, the freshmen also got a glimpse at what the academic side of high school would be like. 

“My best piece of advice was talk to your teachers and try to go to all their tutorials,” freshmen Kurt Gensler said. 

The first day also allowed students to get to familiarize themselves with their peers. 

“I think I had a positive experience, it was fun, and I got to meet a lot of new people,” Gensler said. 

Freshmen transition day has a been a helpful annual event to ease the nerves that typically come around on the very first day of the real high school schedule for the incoming class. 

“Being a freshmen can be wildly intimidating and being able to find their classes without upperclassmen, [hallway] traffic and congestion of a full campus helps them ease their way into high school,” Hawkins said. 

While the first day for incoming students isn’t until August, it requires a lot of time and preparation. 

“The process starts early, probably April and May, because we have to get clubs involved, and gather,” Hawkins said. “Volunteers came and painted banners that are up and down main street for the students, I sent student mentors to the classrooms this time, so I had to train them.”  

Additionally, teachers have their own parts to prepare for such as making their lunch, tutorial, and duty schedules.  

The transition from middle to high school involves everyone, from upperclassmen, administrators, teachers, and of course, the freshmen themselves. But since the freshmen are the focus, it is important to make the day as seamless as possible. 

“I think that it is important because it allows us to find all our classes and get to know all our teachers before they have a lot of students,” Gensler said. 

As the new school year kicks off the class of 2027 looks to the future. 

“I’m looking forward to having a good high school experience and making a lot of friends,” Gensler said. 

Welcome class of 2027! Congratulations on beginning your high school journey and best of wishes for the years to come! 

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Gabi Cuellar
Gabi Cuellar, Reporter
Born and raised in Houston Texas, Gabi Cuellar is a  3rd year Lake reflections journalist, is part of orchestra, and is currently  in her senior year of high school. When she's not writing she enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.