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Monstrous Animals in Australia


In the United States, it is rare that you see a mammal, reptile, or insect with a size that absolutely blows your mind. However, in Australia, huge and monstrous animals are normalized and witnessed quite often. Crocodiles, snakes, spiders, and land mammals are just some of the animals that have been seen with ridiculous sizes, and who knows what else is out there. 



The crocodile is a popular reptile that is typically portrayed in a negative viewpoint due to their textured bodies and large teeth. However, there are many crocodiles that are trained and well-behaved, such as those that are put inside zoos. The average size of a crocodile in America is 14-20 feet for males, however they rarely exceed 14 feet when living in the wild, and females typically get up to around 8-12 feet. The largest crocodile ever recorded in Australia is the Cassius, an Australian saltwater crocodile at 17 ft 11.75 in.  



The snake is a popular reptile both in the wild, and in people’s homes. Over the years, snakes have been kept as pets more and more frequently. Some of these pets are tiny corn snakes, and some of them are huge green anacondas. The average size of a snake in America is 2-3 feet. The largest snake ever recorded in Australia is the Scrub Python which can get up to 26 ft. 



The spider is a very controversial arachnid. Many people are deathly afraid of spiders, while some once again, keep them as pets. Tarantulas are one of the most popular snakes kept as a pet. The average size of a typical house spider in America is around the size of a nickel. The largest spider ever recorded in Australia is the Huntsman spider with a leg span of 12 inches and body length of 1.8 inches. 


Land Mammals: 

Many people do not realize how large wild mammals are until getting close to them, especially in America since it is uncommon to be surrounded by a multitude of wildlife mammals such as monkeys, kangaroos, and whales. The average size of the common Eastern grey kangaroo is around 6.6 feet. The largest land mammal ever recorded in Australia is the red kangaroo which can weigh up to 88 pounds and jump up to 9 feet high. 


Australian animals have been talked about for a very long time. There have been many findings of record-breaking animals in the area. They have been seen in books, movies, documentaries, social media, etc. and will continue to be found and talked about. It will be interesting to hear of future findings. 


  *Videos are not of the record-breaking sized animals* 


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Kylie McKinney
Kylie McKinney, Reporter
Kylie is a 3rd year reporter for her schools newspaper. She has always loved to write and being a part of the journalism class is one of the highlights of her day. In her free time, she loves to clean/organize different spaces, shop for skincare and makeup that Tik Tok influenced her to purchase, and spend time with her family, friends, and 4 year old bunny, Penelope.