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Coach Lawrence


This offseason, the football team underwent a lot of changes to the coaching staff. The most notable change was the addition of new Head Coach, Donald Lawrence.

Lawrence comes from Langham Creek, where he was the offensive coordinator for seven years. Going from coordinator to full time head coach can be a rough transition. However, Lawrence is prepared to take on this new role. 

“I have had good mentors to learn under along the way. I have also been a head track and powerlifting coach, so I have experience leading programs,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence has undoubtedly carried this leadership experience over. He seeks to have an impact both on and off the field.

“I am just trying to be the best leader I can be every day. My goal for the program is to constantly move the needle in academics, community impact, and athletic success. I am a big believer in academics and curiosity. Football is obviously important to me, but I want to make sure we are giving our athletes time to support their other interests as well.”

As for the football side of things, Lawrence has a good grasp on how to approach the game. 

“Personnel is very important.  Every year, we start by discussing the strength and weakness of our personnel.  Every game week, we begin the game plan by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents. As coaches, it is our job to put our players in the best position possible to be successful.  The majority of our game planning involves highlighting our strengths, and we do the best we can to avoid exposing our weaknesses.

Lawrence and the football team are off to a hot 3-1 start, with their lone loss coming from a top 100 team in the state.

As the bye week comes to a close, Lawrence looks to prepare his team for district play.


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