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Lunch Line Changes


One of the newest additions to Falcon Lunch is the lunch preorder system. Students can order their food through the School Café app. They order their lunch ahead of time to pick it up, similar to GrubHub and UberEats orders. This change was made to decrease the number of people in the lunch lines.  

“With so many kids coming to lunch at once, you don’t want to wait in line,” Cafeteria Manager Elissavet Vrettos said. This is the solution the cafeteria staff devised for the long lunch times. To  get around the long lines in the cafeteria, you can now order your own lunch by School Café, which is the district’s app.  

When you download the app, you scroll to the bottom and select your state. After you select ‘Texas’ you will need to input the district’s name, Clear Creek ISD. There you can create an account. The menus close at 10AM, giving the cafeteria staff time to prepare your meal before Falcon Lunch.  

In School Café there’s a guide to the meal prices at the top of the page in blue. You would have to select your school, your grade and the meal type. If you’d like breakfast, select the breakfast button and so forth. Have an allergy? There’s an allergens list where you can see the ingredients in your meal. There’s also a website making the service easily accessible.  

When you submit your lunch order it is sent to our cafeteria manager. She then prints out a label. These labels are for the manager and lunch ladies to assemble your lunch. If you have a specific flavor you’d want you can ask for it through the app and the staff will do their best to provide it for you. 

When you are ready to pick up your meal, head to the nook behind the commons projection screen. There, you’ll grab your order–just like curbside pick up. They’re all in alphabetical order with the order’s name and ID. To avoid theft an attendant is stationed to monitor the lunches. They cross reference every label with your student ID.

“I think it’s pretty good, but I am sad that the vending machines did go away,” said senior Ilsa Sanchez who uses the app, “probably I’d prefer the vending machines.” Nonetheless, Sanchez thinks the app is great, “The online ordering is so much easier so I’m not in the lunch line and people are not bumping into me.” “It saves extra time because I know it can take almost around a whole 30 minutes to get your lunch and then to go to tutorials”.