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Students Opinions on the Best Teaching Method


Students all around the world struggle with finding a teacher that they can connect with.  Every individual has their own preferred strategies they need to work best with their environment. Whether it be music or friends, concentration requires a situation that’s a perfect fit with someone’s work ethic.

Tyler Romano, a current sophomore gave his personal opinion on what study and work efforts work best for him.

“Visual learning helps me work best, I believe it’s more immersive,” Roman said. “Just explaining [without a visual]  to the class [might not be helpful], because they might not fully understand it without a visual”

Many students agree that visual learning helps them work best in class

“I feel like giving a lot of examples really furthers the enrichment of my learning, along with like visual examples and giving a lot of different variations of those examples better prepare you for questions on the tests” Mendoza said. “The worst teaching method is verbally explaining anything without any reference material for the students to look at while the teacher is speaking.”

Students Tyler Romano and Violet Mendoza have remarkably similar views on how to correctly teach a classroom. Similar patterns were found among other students.

“I think the best teaching method would be hands on learning, like having a visual and being able to explain that visual to the class and giving a lot of examples or simpler ways to achieve our assignments,” Sophomore Joanna Perez said. “The worst teaching method for me is just talking to the class without any visual to get examples from… it becomes a great step back to me, because I don’t want to be in that class if I can’t understand or work best with the assignments.”

The students interviewed agreed with the given statements, but a lot of students have different views on what helps them learn best. Learning strategies and preferences are still very subjective to individuals. But there is no doubt, some methods are more popular than others.