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Drake’s New Album, “For All the Dogs,” Student Review

Drakes New Album, For All the Dogs, Student Review

On Sept. 27 rumors circled of a new Drake album titled “For all the Dogs.” The day of however, there was only silence from Drake. But to fans’ surprise, next day he announced the album would be released on Oct. 6. As promised, on Oct. 6, “For All the Dogs” was released. The album consisted of 23 songs and 11 different artist features.

Fair warning, this will be opinionated as I will be going through the album highlighting some of the best songs from it and the worst tracks. To conclude my professional opinion, at the end I’ll be rating “For All the Dogs” from one to ten.

“Virginia Beach” is the very first song. The track worked very well as an opener for the album as it samples Frank Ocean and has an upbeat tempo. The song is followed by “Amen” featuring Teezo Touchdown. This song didn’t really impress me much with the jazz type beat.

The most anticipated feature, 21 Savage, had a verse on the song “Calling For You,” but most listeners will skip before his verse. The song has a very long interlude in the middle sampling and angry woman which wasn’t really worth the wait for 21’s verse.

“Daylight” had a very surprising feature from Drake’s son Adonis Graham. Graham’s verse was him freestyling on a beat change which had a surprised most fans who got hype on his future rap career. This later led Drake to release a freestyle of Adonis, creating a new Spotify artist profile.

The next song is in my opinion the best song on the album “First Person Shooter” featuring J. Cole. This song had everything it needed, from a great up tempo beat, including verses from both artists. Impressively, the song had an amazing beat switch from slower to faster for drake to keep rapping over.

The next song, “IDGAF,” featuring Yeat, has a slow start that suddenly jumps to a very loud and fast beat produced by BNYX which is Yeat’s go-to producer. A lot of people described the song as a Drake feature because of how Yeat popped off.

“IDGAF feat. Drake,” commented an anonymous user on an Instagram post by Yeat.

“Slime You Out” featuring SZA was previously released on Sept. 15 as a preview for the album. The song consisted of a version of “Lyrical Drake” and included good vocals from both artists.

“8am in Charlotte” was also released early, 2 days before the album drop. It was a very lyrical song that had great bars and gave a great preview for the album.

“Gently” featuring Bad Bunny had great verse from Bad Bunny with a good up-tempo beat that fits the lyrics sang by both artists.

And lastly “Rich Baby Daddy” featuring Sexxy Red and SZA. This song had the most controversy in the album because of the feature choice. Its agreeable to say the only reason people may have this song on repeat is because of the SZA verse. The Sexxy Red verse was pretty bad. Definitely not appropriate for this quaint school newspaper.

Overall, I’ll give “For All the Dogs” by Drake a 7/10. It had some good hits. The misses were either just mid songs or because of feature ruins.


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