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Teenage Relationships, Let’s Talk About It


Teenage relationships are one of the most interesting and controversial dynamics. There are many aspects of accommodation that are part of these relationships. Which can be an extremely difficult concept for teenagers to understand and accept. It is most definitely a different type of relationship than any other due to many reasons including possible odd age gaps, ongoing development of emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, as well as general interests and dislikes. In short, teenagers are constantly trying to find themselves and who they want to be, which can make it difficult to be in a relationship sometimes, due to the fact that their partner is most likely experiencing the same thing. It definitely takes a certain type of commitment to be in a long-term teenage relationship. 

Due to the line of legality aspects being drawn at 18, odd age gaps are surely possible to arise. This often causes negative ideologies from other people, even though you may only be a year or two apart. It can be frustrating receiving comments on your relationship because of this and can even cause two people to break up. These age gaps may be a cause for other things as well such as one person going off to college while the other is finishing up high school. This is seen quite often and can take an emotional toll on the relationship since both people are both physically and mentally in different stages of their life. This is a scenario where you have to sit down and think to yourself whether you are committed enough to this relationship, to stick things out and make sacrifices to have a future with this person in the long run, which can be a hard decision to make at such a young age. However, it is possible and high school sweethearts are out there.  

Teenagers are a minority group when it comes to development. They are always developing both physically and mentally, which can bring issues in such a young relationship. Teenagers are not always capable of processing emotions and making thought through decisions that could impact the next 5 minutes or the next 5 years of their lives. This can cause arguments to arise and with the little patience that many teenagers have, it is very possible that this could end a relationship. To add onto that, interests in everything change throughout the years, so there is a possibility that one or the other, loses interest or “gets bored.” However, there are cases where two teenagers are head over heels for each other constantly and grow old together without losing these feelings.  

To go along with those points, one of the main things that alters relationships is the fact that teenagers have yet to find who they really are and what they want to be in the future. Due to the lack of life experience in teenagers, they are constantly choosing different career choices, plans for both their short term and long-term future, etc… which may or may not cause them to want or to not want to be in a serious relationship at the time. Relationships take an immense amount of effort, accommodation, and trust, in order to be healthy and long term. However, this is something that not every teenager is capable of performing on a day-to-day basis, whether it is because of a heavy academic or extracurricular schedule, lack of maturity, or past experiences that do not allow them to fully trust a partner.  

All relationships, especially teenage relationships, take certain types of people. You have to accept that there will have to be accommodation, sacrifices, arguments, and in many cases, a little distance. However, if both parties in a relationship are capable of accepting and pushing through these barriers, that relationship will be healthy, strong, and respectful which is what allows a long-term relationship. From personal experience, I know that if there is enough love and care for each other, you will figure things out no matter what. At the end of the day, you should be each other’s first choice and if that is not the case, there is no point in being together. If there is constant screaming, fighting, jealousy, etc… ask yourself why you are still holding on, because your significant other should be your peace, not your rage.  

About the Contributor
Kylie McKinney
Kylie McKinney, Reporter
Kylie is a 3rd year reporter for her schools newspaper. She has always loved to write and being a part of the journalism class is one of the highlights of her day. In her free time, she loves to clean/organize different spaces, shop for skincare and makeup that Tik Tok influenced her to purchase, and spend time with her family, friends, and 4 year old bunny, Penelope.