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Out of This World

Tyson Gagliano, Reporter

October 30, 2020

NASA has announced that they successfully landed a spacecraft on the asteroid Bennu and collected a sample. It is the first attempt by NASA to land a spacecraft on an asteroid. The craft was launched in September of 2016 and...

Woman Arrested for Refusing to Wear Mask at Middle School Football Game

Alexa Ward, Editor-in-Chief

October 2, 2020

In Ohio, a woman was arrested for refusing to wear a mask at her son’s middle school football game on Wednesday, Sep. 28. Alecia Kitts was asked multiple times to cooperate with school policy and refused multiple times, claiming...

Liberty County Murder

Morgan Rast, Editor

October 2, 2020

In Liberty County Saturday evening, A woman was found dead with a gunshot wound in a burned car, and her coworker was inside the house of Jose Marin Soriano tied to a bed after being blackmailed. The two women worked for Soriano...

Trump demands Joe Biden take a drug test

Tyson Gagliano, reporter

October 2, 2020

During a press conference on Sep. 11, President Trump threw the idea that democratic nominee Joe Biden was using “performance enhancing drugs” during the Democratic Party’s primary debates. The president would then...