Region Orchestra

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

Annually, the district holds an audition for all musicians in the district. Here they compete for a spot in the TMEA region orchestra. Once these auditions are held, students who make the orchestra will receive music to practice and perform for about a month. This year, region was held on Saturday, Oct. 15, where 29 students from our school made up the symphony orchestra.

Although auditions weren’t until recently, students prepared months in advance for it.

“I started working on it (the music) May, whenever they came out,” violist Cayden Stathhakos said.

For senior bassist Arthi Kukaruban the best past is the concert and community.

“The best part is just playing fun music, alongside your friends,” Kukaruban says.

Students in the region’s orchestra received the music for their concert and though it’s challenging it’s also rewarding.

“Its (the music) is a bit challenging but I think that it’s definitely helped me grow,” Kukaruban said.

Part of the region process is the clinic held and the concert. Here all the students come together and work on the music with the guest conductor. This year that conductor will be Dr. Gary Lewis from the University of Colorado.

Unlike previous years, this year the clinic and concert will be held here at Lake.

“Since we have the majority of students in the orchestra it makes it easier for our parents to attend, it’s local, and hopefully well engage more of the community to participate and show up to see the concert,” Mr. Buffaloe said.

The directors are thankful for the opportunity to host the region concert for those who placed.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to host before were really glad that we can host on our campus because it’s a familiar place to our students, we have an amazing auditorium that the community loves to come to,” Mr. Black said.

For directors the most rewarding part is seeing the students’ hard work and determination come together to make beautiful music.

“It’s great to hear our students respond to a guest conductor and to hear them perform without having to be on the podium with them directing,” Mr. Black said. “It’s just nice to sit back and enjoy the product of their hard work.”

Even though Region Auditions are over the hard work doesn’t stop. Many students are preparing for All State Auditions taking place this Saturday.

“I just wish I had a few more weeks; I think this entire week I’m just fine tuning the little details and I just wish I had more time,” Stathhakos said.

Below is the list of all CLHS students that placed in the region orchestra. Congratulations to all and the best of luck in everything left to come.


Violin: Addison Apisarnthanarax, Felicity Cabrera, Madelyn Cabrera, Jeffrey Chuang, Leo Dinardis, Lilah Dinardis, Emily Dong, Alexander Lee, Melody Molayem, Alex Nazario-Rivera, Jayden Ruiz, Toby Sommer, Leia Walker, Megan Wang, Joseph Zhang

Viola: John Andrew Hodson, Jonathan Huang, Matthew Nunez, Cayden Stathakos, Bella Ugalde, Ana Westhelle

Cello: Rohin Rajesh, Hannah Sultando, Luke Wang, Michael Yo

Bass: Christopher Curran, Aarthi Kukaruban, Jasmine Smith